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Clara Gemstone: A Legacy of Quality and Craftsmanship – For over Seventy Five year, “Our family business has a rich history dating back to 1946, when our grandfathe “Peiris Appuhami” first established a gem mining industry in Pelmadulla, Sri Lanka. For generations, we have traded in gem mines and rough gemstones, honing our expertise in the industry. The Clara Gemstone family has been dedicated to sourcing, cutting, and polishing the finest gemstones from mines across Sri Lanka. Throughout the generations, our family has built a reputation for quality, authenticity, and expertise in the gemstone trade.

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Peiris Appuhami (Pic.1994)

He was born in Matara Deniya in 1915 and came to Ratnapura during the British colonial period in 1929 to work in the tea plantations. However, he soon found his true calling in 1932 when he joined a friend to work in the gem mines of Rakwana. There he befriended Muslim businessmen and joined the gem business without much hindrance.

At the end of the British colonial period, Peiris Appuhami started the first mine in Palamandulla. Since then he went mining in many parts of Sri Lanka like Pelmadulla and carried on the gem trade very successfully.

Peiris Appuhami was not only a successful gem businessman but also a philanthropist. He restored several temples and also to the problems of poor people. He lived a very prosperous life and died in 2002 leaving behind a rich legacy in the Sri Lankan gem industry.

“We are proud to bring our family’s passion for gems to customers around the world through our online store. Our goal is to provide the highest quality cut and polished gemstones to customers, regardless of location. By exporting our gems through our website, we are able to share the beauty and craftsmanship of our family’s work with customers everywhere.”

Clara Gems Family Third Genaration

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Chethiya Dhanarathne
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Rumesh Jayawardhana
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Junaka Udayantha

At Clara Gemstone, we are committed to carrying on this proud tradition by offering only the highest quality cut and polished gemstones to customers worldwide. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gemstone for yours engagement ring or simply want to add a stunning piece of gemstone to your collection, our online store has something for everyone.

Our gems are carefully selected for their quality and beauty, and each one is cut and polished to perfection. We are passionate about our work and take pride in every piece we sell. When you purchase a gem from Clara Gemstone, you are not only getting a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also a piece of our family’s legacy and expertise.

We invite you to explore our online store and discover the beauty of Clara Gemstone for yourself. Thank you for considering us for your gemstone needs.


To be the leading provider of ethically-sourced, high-quality gemstones, while fostering a sustainable future for the gemstone industry.


At Clara Gems, our mission is to provide customers with the finest selection of ethically-sourced, top-quality gemstones, while supporting and empowering the communities where our gems are sourced. We strive to lead the industry in responsible practices, from mining to cutting and polishing, and to ensure the sustainability of the gemstone trade for generations to come. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and social responsibility is at the heart of everything we do.

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